Fall Reading Contest Winners Rewarded

The SHS Library sponsored a reading contest this fall, beginning in August and ending at the end of November.  The contest was for first block classes, and encouraged them to read the most books, with winners based on the percentage of students in the class and number of books read.
The winning classes were the MCC English Composition class and Mrs. LeAnn Vick's Algebra II class.  The 10 MCC students read a total of 44 books during the fall semester, and Mrs. Vick's class of 24 read 60 books.
Individual prizes, $20 Books-a-Million gift cards, were awarded to Mrs. Vick, who read an amazing total of 30 books while teaching, being a hands-on parent, and coaching soccer.  Emily Parten was responsible for reading all the books on Coach Pierce's first block class list, all 16 of them.  Laura Bell, from the MCC Class, read 17 books during the fall semester.  Every student from the two winning classes that read at least one book, along with Senior Emily Parten, were invited to the library to enjoy a Chik-Fil-A breakfast of chicken mini's, biscuits, fruit, doughnuts, and honey buns.  
The contest was designed to encourage reading and literacy in a day and age when students spend most of their time watching short videos,shows or movies.  Classes checked out books and students were encouraged to read during intervention time, which occurs every morning before school from 7:25 until 7:55.  Some teachers even gave a few minutes of silent reading time in their classes.
We hope to sponsor another reading contest in the spring.  Congratulations and thank you to all of the winners!